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from the first three Beatles Festivals 



Directed by James Penca, Patrick Hyzy and Kevin Johnson


Three years ago, a group of Baldwin Wallace University students decided that their education was missing an important style of music. The BW Music Conservatory is home to "The Oldest Collegiate Bach Festival in the Nation" and for the 81 years that this festival has been running, BW classrooms have been full of Bach, Schubert, Brahms, Mozart and other composers from that era. Although the music from centuries ago are essential to the tradition of BW, these students knew that after decades of classical music, Berea, Ohio needed a rock concert.


To mix things up, the group decided to have a festival of their very own. Almost immediately, The Beatles were chosen as the artists to celebrate. Soon after, they chose to perform the album ABBEY ROAD in its entirety for the inaugural festival.

They also decided early on that they would strive to recreate the sound of the Beatles as perfectly as they could. They would use every instrument, make every sound effect and sing every note of the infamous album without missing a single detail. What resulted was a concert that would entertain a weekend of sold-out crowds. 


But the audience wanted more...


In 2012,  the size of the festival doubled. The concert was moved to a larger venue, the orchestra/band size increased and every detail of the 1967 album 

SGT. PEPPERS LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND was perfectly imitated. With their "album accuracy" even higher, these students played for another weekend of standing room-only performances. 


Then, in 2013, the "BWBeatles" topped themselves once more by moving to an even larger venue, adding another concert to the weekend and performing the outrageous MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR for more than 750 Beatle Fans in the largest Festival yet. 


The 4th, 5th and 6th annual festivals have also been a major successes.


If you ever find yourself in Cleveland next spring, stop into BW and see The Beatles done better and better, all the time.

"Magical Mystery Tour"