Writing Projects

Yes, James dabbles in writing, both online and for the theatre. Take a look at a bit of his sports writing by clicking the link on the left. It's an extremely detailed timeline depicting the sorrows of Cleveland sports. It's his home town, it's how he deals with things.


He's also written a few musicals. His first, "BASES UNLOADED: The Two Act One Act Musical Based on a Fictional True Story," was written with his childhood friend John Mullen and had one brilliant performance back in 2009. There are no video recordings or other record of this happening. That may have been for the best.


His first full length musical, "HOWARD, HENRY & PEARL" was written with composer Alex Syiek. HH&P is a fascinating TRUE story about two young musicians, Howard Irwin and Henry Sutehall Jr, on a trip around the world in 1910. It also follows the beautiful Pearl Shuttle, whom Howard loves, as she travels the world in a vaudeville troupe. On their journey, the boys meet Jack London, John Philip Sousa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sun Yat-sen, Lenin revolutionaries and plenty of other interesting characters. The story was uncovered from a journal found... well we won't tell you where, cause it's sort of important. The musical had a reading at Baldwin Wallace University on September 20th, 2014 and is currently in another round of edits.


James' most recent piece is a musical called "MERELY PLAYERS" and was also written with Alex Syiek. The interactive musical tells the story of a "Waiting for Guffman"-esque theatre company putting on a horrible musical. The actors are so inexperienced that some of them are audience members! Hilarity ensues. Merely Players enjoyed a sold out run in the Hollywood Fringe festival in June of 2015. 


James' next project is unkown, though a book sounds pretty good right now.