1865-2016 - In the world of sports, no city, state or country has been through what Cleveland, Ohio endured for a half-century, and it's likely that none ever will. But this doesn't necessarily mean the city was cursed for 52 long years. Instead, those 145 consecutive losing seasons have shown us that winning record or losing record, banner or no banner, championship or no championship, Cleveland fans will be at the ballpark the next day, buy a beer and cheer on Cleveland, they'll show up at training camp in Berea, check out the new quarterback and cheer on Cleveland, and they'll sit down in their favorite section in The Q, in their favorite jersey and cheer on Cleveland.


This phenomenon, though unique to northeast Ohio, doesn't sound like a curse at all. Not to us, anyway.


The most dedicated sports fans in the world live in Cleveland, Ohio. Their passion is unparalleled, their resilience is unmatched and their history, as you now know, is unbelievable.




Years since last Cleveland Championship: 0